Monday 13 May 2013

Build A Roadster

Ok so it's not quite as comprehensive as Japan's Web Tune Factory page that I wrote about previously but you can still play around with this version.  The Mazda UK website has a feature that lets you build an MX-5 to your spec and see how it will look and how much it will cost.  It isn't quite as detailed as web tune and there aren't as many options but it does have a nice rotatable 3D view.  If you choose to build an RHT model you also get a nice animation of the roof going up and down (something I never get bored of watching).  If only it made the Transformer sound as it opened!  If you fancy having a go with the UK builder, the link is here

Over in the USA they also have a version of the Roadster builder.  You'll need to enter a ZIP code to use it (the equivalent of UK Postcodes)  I suggest entering 10065 for New York.  It's not nearly as good as the other versions as options for customisation seem to be quite limited.  For example if you choose the Club spec, it already has most of the optional extras included so there's not much to play around with.  But if you'd like to try it out the link is here.