Friday 17 May 2013

Beatrush Parts Order

After paying my tax bill online, my box from Japan has arrived!  They took just over a week to arrive which isn't too bad at all.  Now let's open it up and see what's inside.
Inside the larger box there are two other boxes, one large, one small, and a Laile branded envelope containing the invoice and a Beatrush sticker.  I can't read the invoice of course, but since the parts are here and nothing is missing, and the order is already paid I'll assume it's all in order.
Let's take a look at the smaller box first, this should have the brake cylinder stopper piece inside.  And of course, it does.  The box is nice and sturdy, I'll probably keep that for stashing stuff in.  The brake stopper piece feels really solid, it's made of very sturdy steel with the signature metallic gold paint finish.  The bolts and fixings appear to be of high quality, you also get an A4 page of instructions.
Onto the larger box.  This should be my front strut brace which fortunately comes in five pieces so the box isn't massive.  IL Motorsport do a cheaper copy of this brace in red paint, but I'm not sure what the quality is like, it may be licensed by Laile, or a cheap knock off I'm not sure.  So, here's what's in the box...
The parts come nicely wrapped in bubble wrap, they have a few small marks from manufacturing but nothing of concern.  The two connecting bars are made of aluminium, are nice and light but feel really strong.  They also have a very high polished mirror finish and some neat welds.  One bar is approximately 2cm shorter than the other on account of the middle mount is slightly offset to one side.  The centre mounting piece is steel and very solid, as are the two suspension mounts.  These are left and right handed and each differs slightly.  You also get some serious looking bolts and an A4 instructions page, though it's pretty straightforward to work out which piece goes where.  Having said that, I may have put it together back to front in that picture.  Overall I'm pleased with it, the quality is high as expected and I can't wait to get it fitted to the car.