Friday 17 May 2013

Mazda MX-5 55 Le Mans

This updated version of the MX-5 Le Mans took a more subtle approach to exterior graphics. It doesn't have the BBR Turbo conversion of the original Le Mans version, since it is already more powerful to begin with, but what it does have is a stripe and a smart looking logo.

The logo is a stylised outline of the race-winning quad-rotor 787B, something you may not see at first glance. It's very nicely done. Oh and any excuse for a picture of the legendary 1991 no.55 Le Mans winner.
You may not have heard of this edition as it was exclusive to the Swiss market for 2011 but in all honesty you aren't missing much. It is basically a 2.0 sport with a contrasting stripe that runs the length of the car. It was available in red, white, grey and black. No performance upgrades, just some clever marketing.